Monday, November 8, 2010

In the Beginning

My husband said for years that he heard a strange noise under the stairs.

Nonetheless it was a shock to see him with a crowbbar and flashlight, tearing up the carpet and floor at nearly midnight. "How can I sleep with that infernal racket, that clicking inside the stairs!"

It fell apart when we touched it. So delicate were its inner workings. It fell apart at the touch of our breath.

We dug deeper.

The house's architect, Tobias Grimsby, was a genius in maths and clockwork. We learned through his great-grand nephew that his grandest vision was to create kinetic-powered mechanical life. He built his prototype, the insect that we found, constructed from watch parts and industrial hardware, in a fit of fevered madness over days, spontaneously and without blueprint.The inspiration turned to be his undoing; the insect escaped, and Grimsby was unable to design another. WIthout physical proof of his creation, his closest friends dismissed Grimsby as an eccentric dreamer. Broke and feared among the town as a lunatic, Grimsby sold this house and vanished, believed to have drowned himself in the lake.

We've reconstructed the insect as close as we could to the way we found it. Most of it now is dust under dust; the physics and intricacies of its mechanics are forever a mystery.

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